WATCH VIDEO – TOP 9 FIRST BALL WICKETS IN CRICKET History that will Blow Your Mind!!

Undoubtedly cricket is the one of the most entertaining sport that exist on this planet. From the longest sixes to the acrobatic fielding efforts of players it has become a full package of pleasure and refreshment. But sometimes cricket fans get the bonus added to their enjoyment from the very first ball when they see their favorite player has banged the very first ball of the match and converted it into a six! or may be their favorite bowler has slammed the batsman with his fastest delivery ever and broke the middle wicket in two!. Here is the list of top 9 first ball wickets that is going to amaze you throughout the video.

#Shoaib Akhtar To Marcus Trescothick

Shoaib Akhtar the former Pakistani fastest bowler. Who has made Pakistan proud always with his brilliance and passion towards cricket. He was the first bowler to break the barrier of 100mph which he did twice in his career and played an important role in most of the victories of Pakistani cricket team. He took his first ball wicket against England and clean bowled Marcus Trescothick on the very first ball.

#Kemar Roach To Shane Watson

Kemar Roach is one of the deadliest fast bowler of West Indies Cricket Team. He started playing from a very early age of 17 but soon represented West Indies with his excellence in Yorkers and contributed strongly to beat massive opponents like Australia. In 2012 he became the 1st bowler to take 10 wickets in a test since 2005. He took his first ball wicket against Australia in an ODI where he has clean bowled Shane Watson very cunningly.

For more please watch the video of Top 9 First Ball Wicket that will Blow!! your mind.


Here is the video which will be presenting top 9 first ball wicket


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